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Dundaloo Support Services will work with you to design a personal plan to achieve your interests, goals and dreams.

Mitch has hopes and dreams like any young man. He lives independently, he enjoys friendships and getting out and having fun. He is training to compete in Ten Pin Bowling at the Special Olympics. He sails, goes to the gym, plays Basketball and with business qualifications is looking for meaningful employment.

“Staff at Dundaloo listened to me, understood my questions and gave me the information I needed. NDIS has given me more opportunities and I feel like my dreams are possible.”

 – Mitch’s Story

Goal Setting

“I want to continue to participate in my favourite sport of shooting, get a shooters licence and compete in the sport” – Neil

We can support you to achieve your NDIS goals. A goal might:

  • be aspirational, like going on a holiday, making new friends or learning new skills so you don’t have to rely on others.
  • relate to maintaining your current activities like your social and community networks , gardening or healthy living.
  • relate to everyday activities  like personal care and mobility or stay living as independently as possible without others telling you what to do.

Health and Well-being

Iris looks for sensory connections to support her well being.

We can support you to make choices to keep a healthy balanced life. You may want to learn about healthy food choices, taking regular exercise, managing your medication or specialist behaviour support. Iris looks for sensory connections to support her well being. Sensory connections helps to provide balance in her surrounding world and improves creativity, awareness and social interaction skills.


“Since my son has moved into shared living I see his life is great. He is doing what he wants and has grown and matured so much. As his Dad, it is fantastic to see.” Neville

Good and happy relationships add meaning to your life by providing a support network and  through a sense of belonging. It is important that you feel heard by friends, family and other important people in your life. Time with friends and family may be as simple as dropping into their home to have a chat, meeting for coffee or dinner or catching up on the phone.

We can support you to:

  • Develop communication skills that allow you to share your messages and feelings effectively.
  • Implement a behaviour support plans to manage difficult situations and feelings.
  • Get in touch with family and friends.
  • Feel good about how you look.
  • Understand intimate and sexual relations.

NDIS Path & Pre-Planning

At DSS we understand how best to support you to capture all the information you need to plan for your future. At DSS we use visuals to express your dreams and goals.

“There have been times when I have felt frightened about Michael’s future  Now I am in my 80’s it is reassuring for me to know Dundaloo has lots of experience and strong relationships with the people they support,” Mary said. “You have to have faith in your children,” Mary added, “Both Michael and I have grown and developed and going into the future I feel Michael is safe and secure. I am confident Dundaloo and the NDIS will be flexible as Michael continues to grows and develop” – Michael and Mary

NDIS Path & Pre Planning

To get the best NDIS plan for you it is important to be well prepared.  Staff at DSS can support you to record what you do every day and identify what supports you need.  It is important to include what you enjoy doing, your work, your outings and day to day household tasks so the supports you need are included in your plan.

All Dundaloo support staff have participated in NDIS pre planning training.  As they work with service users and their families and carers you can be sure staff understand how best to support individuals to capture all the information they need.


Using words and visuals, a PATH is your vision of a positive future shared with your support group. You choose the people who you wish to commit to, and invest in moving forward to your dreams and goals. Your PATH gives you the big picture and helps you to see how to move forward.

Rodney’s Story

With the support of Dundaloo Rodney developed a plan to pass his driving test. He saved and paid for driving lessons, accessed necessary Allied Health services for support and completed his learner driver training hours”. “Things hadn’t gone well for me”, said Rodney, “I had to prove I was well and I can be independent, do my own shopping and plan more holidays.” “I also saved to by myself my car.

“Dundaloo has supported me to access a Day Program and now I know I love fishing. I am planning a fishing holiday soon,” said Rodney. “I also love to cook and the staff at Dundaloo have been supporting me to cook cakes and a good stew. I can go shopping myself for what I need.” said Rodney. Rodney is now working towards another goal – to map out his family tree. “Family is important to me, so it’s happy days ahead,” said Rodney.

My Future Business Speak

NDIS Capacity Building Supports are for the purpose of:

  • Increased social and community participation
  • Improved daily living skills
  • Develop communication skills
  • Improved relationships
  • Behaviour management strategies and plans
  • Improved health and well-being