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We provide a range of supported accommodation services that include 24 hour live in and drop-in services.

At Dundaloo we provide support and access for every participant to live their own life as independently and individualised as they choose.

In shared living people’s individual styles and personalities are reflected in their own rooms. Decorator items, personal photos displayed through the home and even pets reflect a sense of belonging, as individual as the people who live there.

How I am supported in Shared Living

We can support you to:

  • care for your home,
  • prepare your meals,
  • attend medical appointments,
  • keep your medication regime,
  • keep a garden,
  • do activities and exercise that you enjoy,
  • maintain personal care,
  • get around your community,
  • learn to manage your emotions through behaviour support plans and
  • learn money skills and budgeting.

Michelle’s Story

Michelle has recently moved into DSS shared living accommodation. Michelle says her life is happy and busy going to work, cooking new meals, listening to her music and playing board games with her house mates. Michelle is developing a range of new living skills such as “stranger danger” and what to do in an emergency.

Cameron’s Story – Living here is good

Through his association with Dundaloo, Cameron was supported to start developing friendships that were meaningful to him and remain strong today.

Cameron now lives in shared accommodation with his friends where he feels safe, at home, and knowing his medical needs are supported.

“Living here is good” said Cameron, “I still can go out, do my gardening, do my own chores and can make my own decision about what I need to do. I also like being a part of the community.

I have met new friends where I do my wood work and I stop and say ‘hello’ to them in the street. I like entering my pumpkins and cooking in competitions.”

‘Where I live can is important for how I feel about myself. I feel safe and I can live my life my way here”, said Cameron.

Supported Independent Living

If you choose to live in your own home, a private rental, public housing or with other people we can support you to live as independently as possible.

We can support you to:

  • care for your home
  • prepare your meals
  • attend appointments
  • keep your medication regime
  • maintain your yard and garden
  • do activities and exercise that you enjoy
  • maintain your personal care
  • maintain your weekly budget
  • do your shopping
  • plan how you are going to get around
  • liaise with government agencies and services

Jackie’s Story – Where I live I can do most things myself but if I can’t I get help from the staff. They help me with my medications and I have booked in shopping days with them every Tuesday.” said Jackie.

“They help me to budget my money each week. Each Thursday they help me in my unit tidying up and getting organised.  If I have a problem I know I can tell the staff and they will support me. On the weekends I decide with DSS staff where I want to go. Sometimes I join a friend and go to a community event, other times I join in on larger group outings.

For me it is good living in a place where I like the other tenants and we all know each other. We can chat and visit each other and if something is happening for one of us we are all there to help.”

Financial Management Support

If you are having trouble paying your bills we can support you to create a budget or find other supports to manager your money.


If your health needs change or you get older and need a higher level of support we can support you to transition to where you need to be.


We can support you to decide what your point of view is, decide how you can express your view and the strategies about negotiating what you are trying to achieve.

We can support you to stand up for your rights when you are being treated unfairly.  We can be a voice on your behalf, link you to people that can help or support you to take action or make a complaint.


We can support you to develop protective behaviours and strategies to live safely in your home and to keep your home safe.

My Home Business Speak

NDIS Daily Living Core Supports are for the purpose of:

  • Maintaining your home environment including house cleaning, gardening, line and meal preparation
  • Assistance with daily life
  • Consumable products