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Farewell from Shelly

I have endeavoured to set high standards of service delivery, build a robust business and be a leader in our local community; I know that through the great work of the DSS employees and its management we have achieved this.

My best time was receiving $9.7 million for the accommodation redevelopment and then be part of people moving to their new homes. Wow what a thrill, what a privilege.

The winning of business of the year, was not so much about the win, rather it was about the recognition of being part of a life changing event for people who lived in the hostels.

For me Dundaloo has never been about being the biggest, it has been about providing the high standard of support and consideration; it is about listening and about dignity.

Over the years I am sure you have worked out that I despise discrimination; loathe paternalistic patronising behaviour that seeks to put others down, so that the patroniser can feel more powerful, more important.

So, I urge all of us to always be our best person, to be kind, thoughtful, strong and decent, let integrity be our guide.  I know that I will be trying to uphold the values of Dundaloo where the innate worth of everyone is recognised and valued.

Finally, thank you to Jane for her unconditional support and to the great team I people that I have had the opportunity to lead – thanks everyone for the honour of allowing me to be in your lives.