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Shelly’s Blog

Capacity Building; one of the bedrocks of NDIS.

Put simply capacity building is about doing things better so we get better outcomes; therefore supporting the person to be the CENTRE of their own life and assisting people to advance their skill and experience, makes a whole lot of good sense.

Within my role as the CEO of Dundaloo, I often ask people, “What is the purpose?”  Meaning what is the purpose of our actions and what outcome/s do we want to achieve?

Our purpose is to provide a quality driven service that actually reflects the hopes, needs and desires of our customers.

The outcome we want to achieve, well that is pretty easy – what does the person want to achieve?  Now I know that it is not quite that simple, as people require different levels of support in their decision making; however it is the premise we should always start with.

Let’s start by considering, hand in hand with the person and their loved ones, how their capacity can be strengthened and their quality of life increased.

Each day at Dundaloo we believe in and actively endorse each person’s contribution, this might be cooking the evening meal, deciding what to do on the weekend, cleaning down the kitchen benches or participating in washing your clothes but I think we can and must do more.

As a disability service provider, we want capacity building to be a key theme of our future too; we want to be purposeful and achieve real outcomes.  We want to be part of supporting people to access their right to participate in the economic, cultural and social life of their community.  We want it to be real, not tokenistic and patronising.

In the next few months, we will begin a new exciting phase of the evolution of Dundaloo Support Services; we will actively and with much spirit, invest in capacity building, aiming to enrich the lives of many and hopefully add considerable value to our community.

At Dundaloo we don’t want to be the biggest or boldest service in the area; what we want to be is a provider of quality service that actually works towards the real empowerment of others.  We want to make a substantial difference that not just changes one person’s life but changes a community.

Have a splendid September.