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Shelly’s Blog

The tussle for truth matters.

I usually listen to the ABC but the other day I was flicking through the stations and I heard a person say “I love that you join me every morning; it makes my day”.

Is that true? Or would it be more truthful to say, thanks for listening to me because the more listeners I have the more secure my job is; in this case, maybe the truth is not quite so appealing or emotionally effective on its target audience.
In essence, our truth can be what suits our own purpose – the more plausible the information the more willing we are to believe it. It is often who and what we like that influences our truth.

As a living, breathing organisation that provides a person centred service, we have to contend with reality and never shy away from what might be perceived as challenging or difficult.

Words are words and mean nothing, unless these words are matched by actions and behaviours.

Right now as part of our organisational development, the Dundaloo Managers and I are grappling with the notion of Capacity Building; how can we as a group of people reflect capacity building in a truthful and meaningful way.

Tackling a new idea or notion is vital because it means we are more likely to take ownership and adjust our behaviour to reflect our understanding. This builds our capacity and hopefully our individual and organisational truth.

We have come to a point of description, which is about empowerment and each person being at the centre of their own life, and now we have to faithfully reflect that description in our actions and decision making.

My challenge as the CEO of Dundaloo is to ensure that my words are always reflected in my behaviour and that as an organisation we never shirk away from the truth.

So, in the search of truth, we have to be brave, we have to turn up, speak up and live the truth that is important to us; a truth that promotes kindness, integrity and behaviours that encourage dignity and justice for all.

So, I can truthfully tell you that we had a wonderful AGM; a celebration of life.  I think the photos endorse my truth.