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Shelly’s Blog

Confidentiality – where privacy equates to dignity and self-worth.

Our ability to exercise our right to privacy speaks of our position, status and self-determination.

Here at Dundaloo we have made an informed decision to NOT promote/advertise Dundaloo Support Services on our vehicles.

We have made this decision because we believe the development of our “business” is not more important than an individual’s right to privacy and/or anonymity.

If we had our name and logo on our vehicles then we would also be advertising that a person with a disability is in the car – and that is nobody’s business!

My car is not marked with a symbol that informs other members of the community of my physicality and age, so is it fair or respectful that someone with a disability has to travel around in a car that blatantly suggests to locals that a person with a disability is
in the vehicle?

Potentially as a “business” Dundaloo might be less recognisable than other businesses nevertheless a person’s dignity is more important.

Our right to belong

Making a statement about belonging is very different to ownership and control, as a sense of belonging is a human need, just like the need for food and shelter; we generally thrive when we belong.

Feeling that you belong is most important in seeing value in life and in coping with the challenges we face within our lives.

Here at Dundaloo we do believe in the importance of belonging, so when we are participating in a DSS or community group and representing Dundaloo we wear our hats, everyone in the group wears the same hat because we are all a part of a team.

Wearing something, like a cap is not about identifying or labelling.  Rather, it is to acknowledge that we are a team, we belong together, we are alike, and we have the same goal to succeed in our team. It is about including, it is about embracing who we are.

An example of this is a group of us participated in the Fundraiser for the locals attending the International Special Olympics in April, which is being held in Adelaide.

It was a bowling competition at Forster and we were lucky enough to have two exceptional bowlers, Jason and Gavin as part of the winning Dundaloo team; as well as Peter, Teela, Bailey and Kiara bowling with us on the night.
Thanks to Julie and the organising team for a brilliant night.