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Shelly’s Blog

At the Academy Awards a few weeks back, Frances McDormand the winner of the Best Actress in a Leading role for 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri referred to “Inclusion Rider”.  Inclusion what?

So, like many folk I picked up my IPad and did a little google; heaven forbid I might not be aware of a tag line about inclusion.

Inclusion Rider – to counter biases; to ensure fairness for all.

Inclusion Rider – to dispute, to defy, to contradict prejudices/intolerances/injustices.

A concept like Inclusion Rider is admirable, hopeful even; yet it can easily be dismissed as too complicated or potentially discriminating against others, these others that boldly hold onto power and often unintentionally do the discriminating.

Nevertheless a counter argument has validity because not everyone is the same; not everyone understands the expected behaviour, the protocols; so some people bring sausages to a vegetarian BBQ and others bring a few unassuming poisonous rock melons for dessert.

Often there is no intent, no wish to harm others.

Decisions and even biases can be made due to lack of information, ignorance and an unwillingness to give up power.

Do our own biases impact on our willingness to support equity; are we conditioned to say yes to some because they look like us, act like us and think like us? Equally are we conditioned to say no to those we perceive not to be like us? Do we choose not to hear counter arguments and do we name differences of opinions as intolerances?

I think we sometimes choose not to seek a broader view, so to be fair and reasonable is the challenge to strive for balance?

1. Where we do not lean too far to the left; ensuring we are not accused of suffering from impulsive compassion disorder.

2. Where we do not lean too far to the right; ensuring we are not accused of suffering from spontaneous bigotry disorder.

BALANCE – To walk gracefully, stand upright; a state of equality and to present both sides of the story.

In choosing BALANCE we strive to be respectful and honourable – if we are those two things to ourselves and others then maybe, just maybe we can be a rider of inclusion, a person who gives others a fair go.

I loved “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri” because I thought it was a shrewdly discerning movie that beats to its own drum and in the end strangely balanced. 9/10