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Shelly’s Blog

I am tired of HATRED.

I am tired of people in the media, shock-jocks, politicians and people in general peddling HATRED.

What purpose does it serve, other than self-centred purposes?  Did we not learn anything about ourselves, our nation, and our hopes through the Marriage Equality debate?  The country did not fall apart because we voted YES for change.  In 1967 our world did not fail or blow-up because we did the right thing by including our Indigenous brothers and sisters as equals within our country. To me these debates are so bizarre and so distant from what we promote as our Australian culture “a fair go” for all. So what, someone is different to you. I am different to you. You are different to me. It’s okay.

If a person is breaking the law or putting someone down to suit their own agenda, then call it for what it is. It is dishonest and wrong but it has nothing to do with a person’s skin colour, their religion, who they love, their disability or even what they eat or wear.

Can we not try to be our best selves and celebrate difference and stop using it as a battering tool of injustice and idiocy? You and I both know the answer is YES.

So, even though it is a challenge, let us together foster inclusion rather than exclusion and promote the dignity of all people.  Surely it is better than hatred and hysteria.

Next week we celebrate the National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee, known to many of us as NAIDOC.

I want to acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dundaloo employees and participants for the dignified contribution they make every day.  Thank you.

I especially want to acknowledge Kristy Murphy, who is such a positive role model to me and to others; her modesty, quiet leadership, consideration and self-respect are intrinsic to the outstanding person she is.  For ten years I have sought her guidance and direction and she has always generously counselled me with goodness and humility.  Thank you Kristy.