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Shelly’s Blog

In recent times at Dundaloo it has been both a time for celebration and for sadness.

We have celebrated with the Dundaloo 65th Anniversary Ball; it truly is a great milestone and deserves a bit of back slapping and rejoicing.

I especially want to acknowledge our three Dundaloo Champions.  We started the Dundaloo Champions in 2016, to acknowledge people and groups who reflected what we call the Dundaloo Way, which is about valuing and respecting others, integrity and behaving as a just and honourable person.

This year at the Ball we acknowledged Victor Aprilovic who resides in one of our houses; he was acknowledged for his kindness, gentleness and humanity. He has experienced many challenges in his life, yet he remains such a sincere and dignified man; a great role model for all of us.

We also acknowledged one of our employees, Leanne Dukes, who is a much loved and well-respected person.  Leanne is such a committed person who is so generous in providing support and care to all people.  We are so proud to have her as part of our Dundaloo team, she is an absolute gem and has become a great leader of people within Dundaloo.

Dundaloo has been lucky enough to have had worked with some outstanding people over the years and on Saturday night we acknowledged John Ryan and Mel Gamborg, who guided us through the re-development of our accommodation facilities. Mel and John have demonstrated to us their genuine commitment to people living with a disability, as well as their authenticity and humanity. It has been our good fortune to have them in our lives.

The sadness we have experienced in recent times is the loss of Diane Roberts; Dianne who had a long association with Dundaloo, passed away on Saturday, 18th August, 2018 due to pancreatic cancer.  Diane was a unique person, she knew what was important to her and what she liked; she liked holidays, handbags and reliability.  Our sincerest condolences go to her sister Judy and her extended foster family. She truly will be missed.

I also want to extend my condolences to Neil Judd, as his mother Joan passed away recently.  Joan was a much loved figure at Dundaloo, as she was “mum” too many people, especially those living at our Stevenson St house. She was an exceptional person, who generously gave of herself to others and she was so very much loved by Neil.  She too will be missed.

Life is so often full of contradictions; at times we feel so strong and other times so vulnerable and unsure; this unpredictability of life is partly why at Dundaloo we always seek to celebrate and acknowledge people and the goodness they bring.  So, I say grab hold of your life, support the dignity of others and ensure that in all instances you are honourable and respectful. Enjoy.