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Shelly’s Blog

This month’s Newsletter is full of inspiring life choices, possibilities and cheers!

It is all about courage. It is all about integrity. It is all about leadership.

To be a strong, considerate leader you must have integrity; how else is anyone going to trust you, believe in you. To actually live a life of integrity you must have courage.  I mean, if you don’t have the courage of your convictions, then why would anyone choose to follow you?

As a leader, I reflect on my own behaviour, listen to others, change what I am doing and ensure that Dundaloo Support Services focusses on having ethical and fair behaviour. I learn from others.

When it comes to courage I learn from people like:

  • Jason Holley who in his own words has overcome adversity, changed his behaviour and become a better bowler and person.  Well done Jason.
  • Henry Esbank who recently passed away from cancer; his courage in the face of death was remarkable, demonstrating incredible insight and discernment.  Rest in Peace Henry.

When it comes to integrity I learn from people like:

  • Birthday PartyIris Schlenert who is a kind, honest, moral and fair person; hence her Dorothy represents believing in yourself, friendship and seeking goodness. Happy Birthday Dorothy, err I mean Iris.
  • The Dundaloo Board of Directors, who are so committed to ensuring that we have quality governance, seeking to guarantee that people supported by Dundaloo receive quality, professional and ethical service delivery. Thank you for your continued support.

When it comes to leadership I learn from people like:

  • Julie Daskal and the other family members who worked so hard to raise the funds for our Olympians.  Julie is a humble, hard-working and generous community leader. Thank you for being a role model to so many of us.
  • Liza Sutton, Deb Milliken and the team at the Edinburgh house; their capacity to support Iris and then celebrate her life with such enthusiasm and respect is all about leadership, care, quality service and respect. I am proud to have you as part of our team.

So, I encourage every one of us to seek courage, integrity and leadership; to not do so might say we deserve less, our loved ones deserve less and that disrespect and mediocracy are okay.

So, I say pursue courage, integrity and leadership and disregard those awkward feelings of compromise and fear and step boldly into the shining light that is your life!

Just before I sign off I want to crow a little bit about Dundaloo Support Services. Recently, we undertook our required Third Party Verification Evaluation, which is basically an audit of our organisational practices, policies and performance.

I am pleased to state that we received 83 out of 83 in that we consistently met or exceeded the required standard set out by the NSW Government.

Congratulation to everyone, especially the Dundaloo Workforce, who every day bring their best and boldly provide excellence, goodness and commitment.

To the Managers, Coordinators and Directors who support me every day.  Thank you for your dedication, competence and integrity.  Well done team!