Your home is unique to you
and your needs

Choosing a place to call home that meets all your needs is important for your overall wellbeing.
Dundaloo can support you in your own home in the community or in a Dundaloo home.

Want a little help to independently live in your own home and do the things you prefer to do with your friends and family?

Our staff who know and understand you well, can provide support with

  • working alongside you to grow your skills to care for yourself
  • learning important everyday living tasks
  • building relationships
  • supporting you to work towards your goals and dreams.

Need a little more support to live a life with purpose, with the freedom to have the friendships that you enjoy?

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Having a style of life that you enjoy is important to us. We will support you in ways that enable you to live and choose how you

  • look after yourself and your home
  • have fun and enjoy your spare time
  • attend activities where you can meet friends and other people
  • learn to get on with people and make new friends.