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Welcome to Dundaloo Enterprises

Dundaloo Enterprises work to develop innovative projects that promote and create meaningful employment opportunities for people of all abilities. This can include collaborating or partnering with local businesses to support their growth through the sharing of ideas, new products or processes.

Dundaloo Enterprises work to connect local businesses with enthusiastic and dedicated employees. 

Dundaloo Projects

In-house opportunities for participants are growing and include

  • catering for functions and canteens
  • business function room hire
  • gift hampers assembled full of local produce - sold direct to you
  • growth and supply of garden produce
  • live Christmas tree hire.

We’re passionate about empowering people
to achieve valued roles in the community through employment. 

Collaborate with Dundaloo

We’re looking for local business partners to create meaningful employment opportunities.

Dundaloo Enterprises Employment Opportunuties

We have partnered with Mid Coast Council and Club Taree for our circular economy project. We transfer food waste from Club Taree to Mid Coast Council’s closed loop organic machine. The waste is converted to soil in 24 hours and transferred back to our Enterprise gardens for produce that is supplied to local cafes and our own saleable items.

We have partnered with Pacific FMS who employ participants for civic maintenance work. Participants are valued members of the maintenance crew working in the community.

Business collaboration with Dundaloo Enterprises has great benefits...

  • Recognition as being community-minded and inclusive
  • Enhanced company image, stronger community kudos and increased customer loyalty
  • Increased opportunities for innovative work practices
  • A diverse workplace with precise skill-set training and reduced employee shortages
  • Happy, passionate and determined employees with lower absenteeism rates
  • Increased sense of teamwork with higher employee loyalty and less turnover

Ready to get involved? Here’s how you can make a big difference.

Purchase our products

Your support helps us to develop and grow so we can continue to provide meaningful and fair employment. 

Partner with Dundaloo

We can become part of your business by providing the right employee with a specific skill-set.

Collaborate with us

If you have a business idea but need people or want to create a more inclusive workplace, let’s work together.