Disability support coordination, Allied Health

Providing therapeutic supports
tailored to your needs

At Dundaloo, we offer tailored allied health supports to improve mental, social and physical wellbeing.
Our allied health practitioners provide assessments and therapy for adults and children using NDIS, private, Medicare and other funding agencies.

Psyc Dundaloo Allied Health Disability Support Coordination

What ways can a clinical psychologist help?

A psychologist works with you, and your support network to improve your skills, abilities and resources.

We aim to help you with

  • improving your quality of life
  • understanding what makes a problem better or worse
  • relationships
  • feeling heard
  • managing your emotions, feelings and moods.

This may be through individual talking therapies or working with others to support you.

Speech Dundaloo Allied Health Disability Support Coordination

How can a speech therapist assist you?

Speech therapist can help assess, diagnose and treat people who have swallowing issues or difficulty communicating.

We work with people who have difficulties with

  • speaking and listening
  • reading or writing
  • social skills
  • stuttering and using their voice.

They also treat swallowing disorders and can help make mealtimes more safe.

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